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Rude awakenings most often serve as a catalyst for change and our story is no different. Reistor was created as a result of recognising the compelling need for incorporating sustainability into every aspect of fashion – from sourcing to selling – in an otherwise traditionally run polluting industry.

Reistor is redefining the way you perceive fashion and on a mission to inspire you to make ‘ethical consumption of fashion’ a part of your everyday life. Our aim is to create environmentally sustainable, ethically conscious clothing that is chic and a must-have in your closet.

Reducing environmental impact with each piece of clothing

According to a UNEP study, one pair of jeans requires approximately 3,781 litres of water to produce (United Nations of Environment Programme). By the time it reaches the final point of retail, the total carbon emissions are equivalent to 33.4 kilograms. This is just one pair of jeans!

The apparel sector is the second-most polluting industry after oil in the world. As a result, the environment has to pay a hefty price for every piece of clothing in our wardrobe. It is the need of the hour to turn to mindful and eco-friendly fabrics.

India has a rich culture of conscious fashion. Traditionally, used by the rural communities in India, hemp fabric was widely employed in a range of applications from handlooms to paper and many food products. Hemp is a natural fibre with high breathability, durability and is inherently anti microbial.

Conscious fashion made practical and fashion-forward

Conscious fashion is part of the sustainable fashion movement that aims to transform the global textile and apparel industry. It's often referred to as eco-friendly fashion, ethical fashion, green fashion, or slow fashion.

Reistor is doing its best to contribute to the vibrant conscious culture globally. With the highest quality hemp apparel available in the Indian market, we are revolutionising the way women’s designer clothing is approached.

Reistor uses only the finest and 100% organic hemp to make designer clothes for women. You can now welcome the summers in fashion with clothes that are UV absorbent. With one of the most breathable and moisture- absorbent textiles, hemp cloth shields the skin from the sun's harmful rays.

Some of the qualities that make hemp an all-day, all-season wear include:

  • Antimicrobial and odour resistant
  • Comfortable and light-weight
  • Sweat-absorbent in summers and insulating in winter
  • Durable and stronger as it gets softer with every wash.

Explore the most exquisite range of hemp clothing

Hemp is known for its durability in comparison to other natural fabrics. Even after several washes, your designer clothes made from hemp will look as good as new, and their colour will remain vibrant as ever. If you think mindful fashion is mundane or boring, Reistor is here to break all myths. We design eco-friendly clothes with a conscious and mindful approach to inspire you to enjoy wearing them. From dresses and organic jumpsuits to pants, shorts, skirts, tops, jackets, co-ord sets and sleepwear; at Reistor you will find it all.

Reistor uses biodegradable materials to create fabrics, which are 100 percent organic. The buttons used in our white dresses for women are made from wood that can blend back into the environment with ease.

The organic clothing online at Reistor showcases excellent craftsmanship that will make you feel stylish and fashionable every single time you wear them.. The dyes used to add a splash of vibrance to our collections are free from harmful chemicals and safe for your skin. We use Oekotex® and bluesign® approved eco-friendly AVITERA® SE dyes. They have a low carbon footprint and use significantly less water and energy during the process of dyeing. There are 0% traces of elastic or virgin polyester in the clothes designed at Reistor.

Why Choose Reistor?

Reistor aims at offering sustainability, comfort, and fashion, without compromising on our social and environmental commitment. By using materials like hemp, home compostable packaging and biodegradable trims we intend to encourage "Ethical Consumption of Fashion'' by reducing the environmental impact (REI).

Uniting fashion and consciousness

We take pride in the fact that the organic clothing manufactured at Reistor is a carbon-neutral product. We are completely transparent about our production methods, raw materials used, water and energy consumed in the manufacturing process. Reistor Is offsetting its carbon footprint by funding certified green field projects.
Reistor is a labor of love and learning! With every mindful choice you make, you’re doing your part in saving our planet. By associating yourselves with a brand like Reistor, you can do your bit to make Earth a better place to live. We encourage you to make a mindful choice!
Are you ready to join us on this journey?