Why Hemp?

Hemp is one of the most sustainable fibres you can use,
making it a natural choice for us!

As one of the leading pioneers of hemp clothing,

Trust us, once you go hemp, you can’t go back!

From our community
From our community
“When I wear Reistor, I feel comfortable. The fabrics are light, breathable and I love the fact that there is the whole sustainability angle behind the brand.”
— Anjali Gaekwar - Co-founder of @lighthouseco.in
From our community
“When I am wearing Reistor I feel very comfortable and also like a conscious customer. Wearing Reistor is definitely something I gravitate towards.”
— Anjali Patel Mehta - Founder of Studio Verandah
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From our community
“I love trendy, fun clothing that is bold and experimental. For me, fashion is about feeling good and I love Reistor for doing that in a classic and sustainable way.”
— Shital Kothari - Digital creator @littlemissbouffant
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From our community
“Wearing Reistor makes me feel really comfortable. I absolutely love the fabric, it’s so soft and it literally feels like it’s second skin.”
— Karishma - Digital creator @bowledoverbykari
From our community
“Wearing Reistor feels like my second skin. I love natural fabrics and it feels soft like butter and I love that it’s both good for me and good for the environment.”
— Akshita - Digital creator @abhanjdeo

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Need more reasons to buy hemp?

Water conservation

Hemp only requires about 0-5% water to grow hemp, compared to other conventional fabrics.


Hemp is naturally antimicrobial and grows beautifully without any harmful chemical or pesticides. Hemp plants possess inherent resistance to pests and weeds.

Anti-bacterial and Hypoallergenic

Some natural fibre plants, including hemp, are regarded to possess antibacterial activity against a wide range of pathogenic bacteria. ⁣

UV resistant

According to SGS testing, hemp clothing held up 99.9% effective in blocking UV-A and UV-B rays, which makes it the best clothing fabric to protect you from harmful UV rays. It blocks more than 50% of UV rays as compared to other conventional fabrics.


When structured into a yarn, hemp fiber transfers its qualities to the fabrics it builds, generating lightweight, thermoregulating materials that are breathable in the heat and insulating against the cold.