Spring is at its peak and summer is fast approaching. Your wardrobe calls for a long-awaited shift from jewel tones to cool, neutral shades to match the joyous vibe of the spring-to-summer season.

We always prioritize evergreen designs and silhouettes made with eco-friendly, sustainable clothing over fast-fashion. Investing in classic, timeless dresses will have you feeling fabulous and turning heads this season.

Shop from our latest spring collection which is curated along the theme of beautiful prints, and everyday outfits that easily transition into summertime fashion. 


Short dresses:

Reistor summer short dresses

Summer is an excellent time to flaunt pretty dresses in cool colors that are comfortable and fun. You ought to have a good collection of light-weight, crisp outfits to last you through the hot days. 

We have a wide range of elegant prints and radiant solids to choose from. The warm, sunny vibe is already setting the tone for light summer dresses for women. All you need to do is pick some cheery outfits, and go with the flow! 


Maxi dresses:

Reistor summer maxi dresses

Flowy maxis and midis are going to be your best friend this season. They are so comfy and versatile, you can live in one all summer! 

Want to keep it breezy and stylish?

Bring out your maxi dress for an effortlessly easy look!  

From a day-time picnic to a sundowner by the beach, for a romantic date or a barbecue in your backyard, our long floral dresses are a superb choice for all of these occasions. 

They are flirty, unique, and amazingly functional with pretty pockets!



Reistor Summer Tops

A good rule of thumb is to invest in summer tops that are adaptable with both skirts and pants, like a pretty camisole or a capped sleeved casual shirt in a cool tone.

Shop consciously by choosing timeless pieces in neutral colors that you can create endless looks with. An immaculate white or black, or a chic denim top with some delicate detailing on it can be your quick, simple look for the day..

With our summer tops for women made with eco-friendly fabrics, create a positive green impact on the environment with every mindful purchase you make. 

And prepare to look gorgeous wearing one!



Reistor Summer Skirts

A good spring wardrobe is never complete without some go-to statement skirts. A wide range of lovely summer skirts for women are dominating our latest spring collection. 

What’s more? Our skirts are made with hemp and 100% organic cotton, the two most favorable fabrics to keep you feeling fresh throughout the day.

Be it a charming floral midi-skirt or a classic short skirt, there’s something for everyone. Choose a skirt that reflects your mood, and pull it off in style!


Jumpsuits and rompers:

Reistor Summer Jumpsuits

When in doubt, always pick a jumpsuit because you can never go wrong with one! They can be both formal and casual, and extremely comfortable and breathable. If you’re feeling a bit more playful, choose a romper for the day. 

Always opt for a relaxed-fit romper or jumpsuit made with organic, durable fabric in a neutral color like white, beige, or a classic black, just like the ones in our collection. 

Our jumpsuits are made from hemp, an organic fabric that naturally wicks away moisture in the summer so that you stay fresh all day long.

Summertime can be the most beautiful time of the year when the sun’s out and the days are brighter. So, don’t wait to check out our summer staples designed for both fashion and comfort.

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