As consumers, we are constantly bombarded with a multitude of clothing brand options to choose from. It sometimes feels extremely overwhelming and challenging to be able to filter out a sustainable brand in a sea full of greenwashed names in the business.

So why should one decide on Reistor as their go-to brand in sustainable, eco-friendly fashion? For your convenience, we’ve laid down 6 clear reasons why Reistor is a reliable place to shop from.

Effortless, everyday styles, all year round: 

Effortless, everyday styles, all year round

At Reistor, we are focused on making sure that we design our garments for consumers who are passionate about high-quality, well-tailored, comfortable, stylish staples that one can just throw on and go without having to worry about their outfit choice of the day.  

We understand that our consumers may have busy schedules with full agendas, and we hope to bring some ease into the decision-making process.

At Reistor, we are intentional about creating comfortable, effortless, everyday looks that always keep you stylish.  

With your daily wear sorted, you can now channel your mental energy towards your daily tasks in relaxed fits, and not worry about putting together a new outfit every day.  

Slow fashion over fast fashion: 

Slow fashion over fast fashion

Fast fashion trends catch on quickly and also fade away very soon. With the number of new fast fashion brands and consumers, we have barely begun to see the negative consequences associated with these fleeting trends. 

We already know that many of these garments are toxic and harmful to both the planet and the consumer. They often contain microplastics and other plastic-based materials.

These carcinogenic contaminants end up in the soil and oceans, harming the ecosystems within, and even enter our bodies through the natural food cycle!

This is why, Reistor only produces garments that are multi-purpose made with durable fabrics, organic fibers & biodegradable materials. Even the buttons in our outfits are made of wood and not synthetic plastic.  

In order to do our bit, our focus is on creating classic pieces in eco-friendly materials that can be worn time and again without fading away in quality or style. 

An item once bought from Reistor will serve you for many years, in terms of looks and quality, contributing to a greener future for our planet.  

Great variety, neutral colors, elegant prints:

Great variety, neutral colors, elegant prints

Reistor has a variety of stylish outfits in elegant patterns and neutral shades for almost any occasion. You can create endless looks with just a single piece like a linen shirt, a cotton/hemp skirt, or linen pants for women. 

Our goal is to create styles that have been relevant for decades now and we hope that you will be able to wear your Reistor outfits for years to come.

Sustainable, skin-friendly, and breathable fabrics. 

Sustainable, skin-friendly, and breathable fabrics

Among the various factors that define sustainable business practices, the fabrics a fashion brand chooses to work with are of key importance. 

The choice of fabric often determines the extent of negative impact a brand has on the environment. Organic fabrics are the most favorable when it comes to environmental betterment, comfort, recycling, and disposal. 

Reistor produces its outfits in organic fibers like:

  • Hemp
  • Linen
  • Tencel™
  • 100% organic cotton 
  • Bemberg™ Crepe
  • Bemberg™ Satin

These fibers are more eco-friendly than conventional fabrics in that they use very minimal water for production, are soft against your skin, and can be recycled easily, especially linen clothing. Cotton, linen, and hemp clothing are perfect for everyday, long-lasting use.   

Restoring the green on Earth: 

Restoring the green on Earth

There are a multitude of eco-friendly initiatives that we practice to ensure maximum positive impact on the environment. Here are some key eco-conscious steps that we have taken throughout our manufacturing and production practices.

  • We use dyes that are Oekotex® and bluesign® approved eco-friendly AVITERA® SE dyes. These are free of harsh chemicals such as para-chloroaniline (PCA). 
  • Our products come packaged in an eco-friendly and home-compostable bag.
  • The sewing thread used in Reistor outfits is 100% biodegradable cotton.
  • The organic fibers we use to manufacture our clothes use minimal water to grow. The production process also generates minimal wastage. 
  • Our shirts and dresses have wooden buttons instead of traditional synthetic buttons 
  • There aren’t any synthetic elastics or virgin polyester in our outfits

While we are well aware that it is nearly impossible for a brand to be 100% sustainable, we promise to always be extremely transparent and ethical in our ways. We truly hope to inspire people to be more mindful and conscious when they shop! 

 Empowering our community: 

Empowering our community

For us being a sustainable clothing brand goes beyond fabrication, and includes working conditions, building communities, and preserving traditions. Reistor believes in giving back to society multiple fold. 

This is why we’re engaged in social causes by which we intend to bring about change. We have created and nourished close ties with an NGO where we source our skilled labor. 

We believe in fair, timely payment of deserving wages for our employees and providing them with comfortable and safe working conditions to create awesome outfits for you. 

We are committed to making a difference as we navigate this journey to be ethical and impactful while continuing to do what we love!

Our commitment to conscious fashion and to our Mother Earth is strongly reflected in our ethical practices, and we truly hope that you can trust us as a reliable business worth buying from to keep you stylish and eco-friendly!

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