Gone are the days when work clothes for women just meant fitted blouses, pencil skirts, work pants, and sky-high heels. We’re now embracing comfortable and stylish work wear over fleeting trends in fashion. 

The world is moving towards choosing eco-friendly clothing made ethically to lead our planet towards a greener future. That’s why, at Reistor, we have versatile outfits made with fabrics like hemp, organic cotton, Tencel™, and linen in our collection. 

So read on to get the best of our office-wear fits made with organic fibers suitable for wherever your work day takes you. 


For your no-nonsense business hours: 

3 piece hemp suit sets

Work hours need you to be comfortably dressed to perform your best, and we have just the right fit for your super-long, busy days! 

Our 3-Piece Hemp Suit set is a timeless wardrobe staple. Style it your way for an instant boost of confidence, and make a power move at that important meeting or presentation. We also have more stylish and semi-structured blazers that you can throw on for a quick, polished look with a laid-back finish. 


To make a style statement:

power moves shirt

Who says the workplace isn’t for your personal style? 

Let your ensemble reflect your mood and personality! Choose from our range of solid tops in varying tones and pair them with our comfortable hemp and linen pants or your favorite pair of denim. These staples are timeless treasures and the fabric provides unparalleled comfort. 

More amazing choices in this category are the Wind in My Hair shirt and Power Moves shirt in black which are here to stay. 


For your casual work days:  

crop top and nice shirt

Jumpsuits are such an effortless and safe choice for days when you want to put on your most comfortable outfit and go! Nothing says business casual more than a chic jumpsuit for women in a neutral tone like a basic beige, cool denim, or a classic black. 

Classic shirts in muted hues make for great options like our Cropped Off-white shirt with its delicate detailing. If your workplace is super casual, our Pacific Blue top will fit right in!


Transition from day to night with ease (and no outfit changes)!:

boxy cut women’s tops

Going through the hassle of multiple outfit changes for your post-work spontaneous plans can be quite demanding. To save you the stress, we have a range of outfits that transition seamlessly from your work day to your evening plans without the fuss!

Go for our versatile shirt-dresses, boxy cut women’s tops, or our unique shirt with a front-twist to add a playful vibe to your outfit. 

Our hemp shirts, like our wild river shirt, and cropped tops are also great options and transition seamlessly from day to night.


For your business lunches:

hemp skirt set & boxy cut top

Your lunch-meeting fits must either be business casual or semi-casual. Business lunches call for edgy looks like our hemp skirt set to establish a style statement while being comfortable at work. 

Hemp shirts in neutral colors or boxy cut tops over jeans work very well for a semi-casual lunch. 

So, go ahead and seal that deal over lunch with confidence!


Working from home? 

dress & camisole tops

Working from home in shabby clothes is so 2020. We’ve now moved to comfortable and put-together work clothes that look chic and feel great!

Our Reading Tea Leaves dress in all its lovely neutral shades, or our classic range of midi and maxi dresses, or camisole tops are some amazing choices for your home meetings.

Now no more scampering to put on a decent outfit before you start those Zoom calls. Start your day with one of our comfy work outfits, and you’ll be sorted throughout! 


For your office parties:

floral tops and skirts

An office party is always around the corner, and you may not always have enough time to change into a decent party-appropriate dress. 

So, how about you wear your party outfit to work?! 

Pick something that is elegant and that you can also celebrate. Your best bets here are florals and ruffles. 

We have an impressive collection of timeless floral tops, skirts, and midis that you can pull off gracefully at work and also look great while celebrating. 

A nice shirt with ruffles or balloon sleeves is a good work outfit. Pairing it with large hoop earrings and a red lip will instantly make you party-ready! 

The uniqueness of our outfits makes them so versatile and easy to style that you can never run out of ideas to create new looks from them. 

The fabrics we use are eco-friendly, which means they are comfortable, stylish, and durable. What’s more? The designs are classic and evergreen. So get your hands on our timeless work wear collection to make your work days stylish.

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