Despite its long-standing and deep-rooted global history, hemp fabric is recently being re-discovered as an eco-friendly and biodegradable alternative to synthetic fabrics. 

Hemp, as a fabric, is so rich, durable, easy-to-wear, and so stylishly versatile that people are now actively turning towards it. This is why hemp is often the leading choice in eco-friendly fabrics for most sustainable brands.

why hemp

The hemp plant grows easily requiring minimal water and care, and absolutely no pesticides. In other words, hemp does not contribute to environmental damage like soil or water pollution. It’s also great at reducing carbon in the air, absorbing CO₂ as it grows, making it a great tool for fighting climate change.

But wait, there's more! Hemp fabric is super durable, stylish, and versatile too. It's tough enough to handle your roughest days repeatedly without fading away, and can double up as both casual and formal wear when styled accordingly. 

Whether you're clocking in long hours at work, or dancing the night away, a hemp outfit will never let you down! Hemp fabric has this effortlessly cool vibe, with a natural texture that adds depth to any design.

Hemp as our debut collection launch: 

hemp debut collection

Our online store today houses garments made in eco-friendly fabrics like 100% organic cotton, linen, Tenceland Bemberg  in both crepe and satin variants.

However, due to the unparalleled qualities of hemp, it was our first choice for our debut summer launch, and other fabrics followed later on. 

With hemp at the forefront, the bar for eco-conscious fashion is set pretty high, proving that sustainability can be both chic and mindful.

Speaking of hemp, our matching sets are your best bet! You can mix and match your favorite hemp pieces with the ones in your wardrobe to create endless outfit options that are as eco-friendly as they are stylish. From comfy tops and chic, classic shirts to midis and dresses, we've got something for everyone. 

Why hemp?

You say, “Why hemp?” We say, “Why not!”

Whether you're a die-hard (or ardent?) nature-lover or just casually looking to make more eco-friendly choices, our hemp outfits are the best way to make a start! Hemp fabric is sustainable, comfortable, contemporary yet classic, and oh-so-stylish! 

We’ve done our research, drawn our comparisons, and chosen hemp as our most prized eco-friendly fabric. Here are 4 core reasons to, “why hemp?



The biggest benefit of hemp fabric is its eco-friendliness. Unlike conventional cotton which requires ample water and pesticides to grow, hemp is a low-maintenance crop that pretty much grows by itself without needing any chemical intervention. 

It needs way less water and almost no chemical pesticides to protect it, making it a better and safer choice both for the planet and for us, the consumers.

In other words, you’re not just upgrading your wardrobe but also improving the health of our planet and its people by repeatedly investing in hemp pieces. 


But that’s not all. Hemp is super durable, too. Your favorite hemp outfit will keep up with your everyday usage without wearing out or losing its charm. 

Whether it's a rugged hike in the mountains or a sunny day out in the park, our hemp shirts are perfect to keep you on-the-go! That's why hemp clothes are best for everyday wear.

Hemp is one such fabric that gets softer and comfier with each wash unlike other fabrics that usually fade away with frequent usage. It’s way more durable than cotton or other natural fibers, eco-friendly, comfortable, and amazingly long-lasting.


comfortable fabrics

Hemp is steadily gaining traction as one of the comfiest summer fabrics to spend hot days in. It can be styled for both formal and casual occasions and is an excellent fabric choice for all outfits like shorts, tops, skirts, shirts, and pants. 

Hemp clothing isn't just easier on the planet, it's good for your body too. Its anti-wicking qualities keep moisture away, keeping your skin cool and dry even when the temperature rises. It's lightweight, breathable, and soft as a feather against your skin.

Did you know that hemp also contains anti-UV properties? Wearing sunscreen is a must always and hemp clothing adds one more layer of sun protection to keep your skin safe and healthy.

Hemp clothing is perfect for lounging at home on those summer afternoons and also for heading out on hot sunny days. The porous nature of the fabric allows for free flow of air, keeping you cool and comfortable all day long.


Hemp’s versatile nature plays a huge role in making it eco-friendly. Once you buy a hemp item, you can wear it with tens of different types of tops and bottoms, and create endless, classic looks for many different occasions.

Whether you're dressing up for an exciting night out, leading a professional business meeting, or keeping it casual for a day at the beach, our hemp outfits can do it all. 

When you shop hemp, you directly support sustainable fashion. You set an example and make a genuine, strong statement that you care. 

Summing it up:

In the wake of modern fashion practices that contribute negatively to the environment, it is now time to switch to hemp to make a change in the right direction. 

Show your concern in action by upgrading your wardrobe with hemp pieces, and pave the way for a greener & cleaner environment in the years to come.

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