At Reistor, we are all about eco-friendly, relaxed fashion that doesn't compromise on style. One of the key reasons for our glowing reviews among customers is our thoughtful selection of sustainable fabrics that stand the test of time and comfort.

While we are constantly working on developing and sourcing the most eco-friendly fabrics, here are the current fabrics that all our outfits are made in: 

  • Hemp
  • Tencel™
  • Bemberg™ 
  • Organic Cotton
  • 100% cotton
  • Linen

Let us take you through our choice of fabrics and what makes us pick them over other eco-friendly alternatives. 

Comfort over everything:  

eco friendly fabrics

We only choose those eco-friendly fabrics that are incredibly comfortable to wear, for instance, organic cotton, 100% cotton, and hemp. 

Whether it's the softness of organic cotton, the breathability of linen, the smoothness of hemp, or the coolness of Tencel, you'll always be feeling super stylish and at ease in all our clothes.

Although organic cotton, hemp, and linen clothing have a bit of a reputation for wrinkling, many people prefer its chic, natural, lived-in look which shows their preference for comfort and breathability. And there’s nothing that a quick steam can’t fix!

Amazingly durable & long-lasting: 

linen clothing

Bemberg yarn, cotton, hemp, and linen clothing are designed to endure rough usage. Whether it’s a summer hike or a fall stroll, these fabrics will have your back. Literally!

You’d be surprised to know that hemp and organic cotton actually get better and softer with each wash unlike many others that fade away in quality and color!

We bring to you these versatile options in the hope of bringing some ease into your everyday process of deciding your outfit for the day. 

They also last longer than conventional fabrics. These garments are so durable and versatile with so many options to mix and match that you’ll never run out of ways to style them, saving you money and reducing waste!

All-seasonal wear: 

super comfortable fabrics

With options like Bemberg yarn and Tencel fabric at your disposal, you can stay super comfortable and chic in any season all around the world. These fabrics are designed to withstand both high and low temperatures.

They keep you cool in the summer and offer good insulation in the winter, for example our Tencel pants for women or our linen vest set. All you need is a little bit of layering and accessorizing to make these outfits apt for any occasion or season. 

Easy on the skin: 

linen dresses

All of our fabrics are hypoallergenic and free from harmful chemicals. Whether it is women’s linen pants, linen dresses, cotton, Tencel pants for women, or hemp clothing, all our fabrics and outfits are a dream come true for your skin! 

Hemp clothing, including cotton and linen, also have anti-wicking and moisture-absorbing qualities, making them the safest choice to prevent microbial or bacterial accumulation on your skin in humid conditions.

Fabrics like crepe and satin made from Bemberg™ yarn are perfect to keep you cool and breezy when the weather calls for it! It’s a great alternative to conventional silk. Bemberg Satin and Crepe fabrics are extremely soft, silky, smooth, and so relaxed and stylish that you’ll never want to switch back to synthetic fabrics ever again!

Eco-conscious choices:

sustainable fabrics

By choosing sustainable fabrics with us, you're supporting environmentally friendly practices. You are also prioritizing the health of the planet while focusing on your own fashion needs. But, our outfits are both eco-friendly and stylish, so you’ll never have to choose between the two!

Your eco-conscious fashion choices will help reduce pollution, decrease negative environmental impact, conserve water, and promote a greener future for our planet.

Style on the rise:

sustainable garments

We always aim to produce sustainable garments but without compromising on style and comfort. Due to our excellent fabric choices, all our outfits have beautiful textures, are relaxed in structure, fit well, and come in a variety of contemporary and timeless designs. 

Eco-consciousness, but make it fashion!

Guilt Free shopping:

sustainable fabric choices

Shopping for new clothes often has a negative impact on the environment. Through our sustainable fabric choices, we can reduce our environmental footprint and pave the way for a greener, healthier future for our planet!

It is a great feeling to know that our clothing choices are not leaving behind as much negative impact on the environment as they always have. 

You’ll also be building an impressive habit of supporting ethical practices and being eco-conscious which will not be limited to shopping for clothes but also seep into other areas of your life as well.  

Summing it up:

In a nutshell, our commitment to sustainable fabrics is about more than just being eco-friendly since we also prioritize style and comfort. 

Lead the way in sustainable fashion with us by embracing high-quality, durable, and stylish clothing in comfortable fabrics for everyday wear in every season for many years to come!

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